We pay high attention on the selection of our packing materials. Only new boxes and packing materials are used for your removal. Starting with bubble paper in the highest quality, over boxes, which are fitted to your household goods upto the tapes we use. Our trained staff guarantees a packing, which guarantees an arrival without any scratch.

AIR Packing

At the time of your airfreight packing our crew use high quality boxes, bubble wrap and wrapping tissue also after that the packed boxes will be packed in a Tri-Wall AIRBOX, that we usually used for airfreights.

Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 80 cm (L x W x H)
Volume: 0,38 cbm

SEA Packing


For overseas packaging, of course also here we use the best packing material and everything is pac

ked so well that even the last storage space in the container will be used. whether 20ft or 40ft. If the container is not fully loaded, the 

packed household goods are barricaded across with wooden beams in order to prevent any movement during the sea tran




The second option in sea freight is LCL (Less than a container load), as the name suggests, a small part of the container is used for you.

This option is suitable for smaller shipments. Your household goods will be packed by our staff in the same way as for container transport and loaded in wooden boxes (liftvans) will be loaded overseas. The liftvans are completely closed with screws and tied twice with steel straps. Your liftvan will then be loaded into a collection container at the port and unloaded from the container at the destination port, brought to your home, opened and your removal goods unpacked again as you wish.

Dimensions.: 222 x 118 x 220 cm

Volume: 5,6 cbm

ROAD Packing

During the packing our well-educated team will pack all your goods suitable for transport to, choose the best carton types for each item and also to reduce the stowage space.

Your personal items are treated with the greatest carefulness. We deliver your household goods as you have left it during packing.

The  company E.FALL has been founded 1936, specialized on moving people all over the world.



Due to our membership by the most important organizations and federations of our industry, we have a worldwide network on reliable partners.

E.Fall Internationale Speditions G.M.B.H.

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