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Welcome to the international moving company E. FALL. We have been relocating all over the world for 75 years now. Moving is always associated with some inconvenience and stress. You should therefore confidently place some of these tasks in our trained hands. Benefit from our experience and our specialist knowledge!

Below you will find some basic information and useful tips for the preparation, process and organization of your move.

What you can do: You have contacted one of our relocation advisors or have been contacted and a viewing appointment has been made. Please allow around 30 – 60 minutes of your time to accompany our on-site specialist through your home.

What we will do: Your E. FALL relocation advisor will appear punctually at the agreed time. Please clearly determine which things are to remain at the point of departure and which are to be taken by us. Our consultants are well trained and have many years of experience in estimating the transport volume and workload. The volume is then calculated and the scope of services determined. Please tell our consultant all your wishes and ideas and do not hesitate to clarify your questions with him (e.g. use of craftsmen such as carpenters, electricians, house cleaning, etc.) We can offer or organize any service, the exact process and that Explain the packaging material used and provide information about any necessary customs clearance. Would you like to take your car with you? Our moving advisors will be happy to provide you with more information.

We can also help you with the reimbursement of VAT if you move to a non-EU country or give you tips on what to look out for when purchasing new goods.

The further process can be planned based on your wishes and ideas as well as the inspection that has taken place.

Before you move
What you can do: Please fill out the relocation questionnaire and the description of the value that our relocation advisor gave you at the time of the inspection and send us these forms. If you do not have these documents, we can send them to you immediately.

What we will do: Based on the data that our relocation advisor collected during the visit, we can now create a tailor-made, non-binding offer for you, which you will have on your table within 4 working days.

Service at the point of departure
What you can do: When our packaging team arrives at your home, please accompany our team leader once through your house / apartment in order to deposit your instructions and personal wishes. Please make sure that you have already put aside your personal belongings, which you will take with you on your trip. (e.g. keys, documents, money, jewelry, clothing, child seat, etc.)

What we will do: E. FALL has a selected range of first-class packaging material, which we always keep in sufficient quantities in our warehouse.

Our packers are well trained and very experienced in packing your household items quickly and professionally, such as pictures, antiques, clothes, glasses or special delicate items.

Furniture and other bulky items are wrapped in bubble wrap unless otherwise agreed. Of course, we also take care of the corresponding dismantling. If necessary or desired (e.g. for antiques), furniture is also packed in wooden boxes.

Each package is labeled with your name and the serial number to ensure quick and complete identification at the destination. Our team will also provide you with a list of the goods that have been recorded, which enables uncomplicated control for you transport
What you can do: After our team has finished working in your home, please take a final tour of each room to see whether everything went with you and everything was done according to your wishes.

What we will do: Our movers and porters will arrive at your location at the agreed time to properly load your removal goods into an E.FALL furniture truck (or other containers for overseas transports). At the time of the inspection, we determined whether special precautions are necessary for removal. When it comes to elevators, we naturally pay attention to the load capacity and usability. The removal of the furniture is usually carried out manually over the stairwell using carrying straps. You will be amazed how quickly and safely our packers handle your furniture. If it is difficult or not practical to use the existing transport routes, we will arrange for an external elevator to be used. Your household items is then transported away through a window. Safe and Fast!

In the metropolitan areas, parking is often a game of chance. We therefore maintain good contacts with the responsible authorities and can, if necessary, obtain permits for no-parking zones.

  1. FALL transports your removal goods within Europe exclusively with its own vehicles. Our air-sprung trucks are basically state-of-the-art in vehicle and transport technology, have lockable, closed metal superstructures and tail lifts. Within Europe, you will be looked after by the same team practically from door to door. In most cases, the packers who have already carried out the collection / loading at the point of departure will also work for you at the point of destination.

When moving overseas, your household effects will be loaded into suitable steel containers and transported to the final destination via Hamburg, Bremen or Bremerhaven.

We have long-term business relationships with the leading shipping companies and can use a network of international partners in all ports / cities of the world. Of course, we also coordinate and monitor the transport from the port to the final destination for you.

Customs clearance
When moving abroad (non-EU), we take care of all the customs formalities for you. We will get you the necessary documents and help you with the handling. Some countries insist on the personal presence of the owner during customs clearance, but most countries accept a power of attorney from the owner to the moving agent. Your relocation advisor will be happy to inform you about all the necessary steps and explain the entire process to you.

E. FALL has an adequate furniture store to store your household effects. Regardless of the period of time, whether for 1 month or 5 years, your goods are safe with us and available at all times. You can decide at any time whether you want to get a piece from the warehouse or maybe add something new? With the help of our provided inventory list you always have everything at a glance.

Service at the destination
What you can do: Please accompany our unpacking team through your house and give your instructions where you would like something to be placed.

What we will do: Our team will unpack your removal goods and arrange them according to your instructions. Furniture is reassembled and when the work is finished we take away the packaging material that is no longer required.

Closing word
We hope that our moving guide gave you a brief overview of the upcoming move and was able to answer a few questions. Relax and feel in good hands with us! The entire E. FALL team looks forward to helping you – so that you can enjoy your move!

The  company E.FALL has been founded 1936, specialized on moving people all over the world.



Due to our membership by the most important organizations and federations of our industry, we have a worldwide network on reliable partners.

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