Road Transport

International road freight transport is defined as the transport by road between two places (a place of loading and a place of unloading) in two different countries irrespective of the country in which the vehicle is registered

Advantages for road freight:

  • Door to Door Service
  • Service in Rural Areas
  • Flexible Service
  • Suitable for Short Distance Shipment
  • Lesser Risk of Damage
  • Saving in Packing Cost
  • Rapid Speed

Our team takes care of your removal throughout Europe. We use modern technology and in our team we have professionally trained staff, to support you and your removal based on your wishes and visions. Due to our partnerships and memberships with the most important organizations we are always up to date regarding laws and legal regulations, which could be important for your removal. We transport your removal goods solely with modern air-suspended furniture-trucks.

How we pack your Roadfreight ?