Checklist / Checklist

In order to prepare your move as pleasantly as possible, you will find useful information on the following pages to prevent negative surprises.


Deregister from kindergarten/school
look for and register for a new kindergarten/school
Reduce stocks of frozen and perishable foods
Arrange necessary renovation work
Terminate the rental agreement in good time / request a refund of the deposit
Clarify the takeover of the facility with the next tenant
Muck out basement/attic
Create a new facility plan
mail forwarding order
Cancel/re-register the phone
Register radio/television
Registration and deregistration at the competent magistrate
Change of address in the vehicle registration document
Inform the relevant pension insurance institution
Notify the tax office
Inform the church contribution office
Notify the bank/savings bank
Notify electricity/gas/district heating
Register insurance (household)
Change/cancel daily newspapers and subscriptions
Notify employer of new address
apply for relocation leave
Organize childcare for the move day
Get Elevator Key
open driveways
Prepare the transport lock for the washing machine
Drain gasoline from lawn mowers and other machines
Collect all keys for the apartment/house (spare keys from friends, family)
Notify friends and family of your change of address
Carry out/organize final cleaning in the old apartment/house

Put things that should not be packed and taken away by the moving team separately
Remove old name tags
Read/have meter readings
empty mailbox
Conduct inspection with the landlord
hand over the apartment
After the move

attach name tags
maybe change locks
Record meter readings
Arrange for the removal company to collect the empty material

The  company E.FALL has been founded 1936, specialized on moving people all over the world.



Due to our membership by the most important organizations and federations of our industry, we have a worldwide network on reliable partners.

E.Fall Internationale Speditions G.M.B.H.

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